Mini Metal Clay Grinder


Mini grinder perfect for creating dust to reconstitute to lump clay or mix with water to use as paste.

PLEASE NOTE: The grinders are now on back order. Earliest delivery to you will be end June!

In stock


Grinding machine
10cm (4in) usbc to usb cable
Brush to clear the dust from the blades

Please Note:

  • This mini grinder works with small quantities of clay only.
  • Clay must be completely dry or you will damage the machine.
  • Do not place big lumps or a large amount of clay in it.
  • If there is too much clay in the machine, the blades will stop working. To clear, unscrew the lid and shake the trapped clay out.
  • Use the brush to clear any clay dust from around the blades.
  • If you have a big piece of scrap, chop it up with a tissue blade first to start to break it down.
  • Recharge with the usbc cable and an appropriate plug.
  • Do not leave this device charging alone or overnight. 

If you want to see how to use this grinder, please go to Youtube – How to grind silver clay to dust.

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