Hi I’m Sian!

I am a Graphic and Web Designer, Jeweller, Editor and Author. That’s a lot of different hats! but I love it.

I’m a passionate designer who graduated in 1991 with a BA (Hons) in 3D Design and I’ve been in the creative design industry ever since. At university I specialised in metals and jewellery design in particular, with a minor study in ceramics.

Ceramics was an early passion and I spend a glorious 8 years as a designer at W. Moorcroft PLC. My pieces are still widely found online and in the collections of many Moorcroft fans (under the designer name Sian Leeper). This adventure taught me how to illustrate and design patterns.

I was the Editor of a magazine called Making Jewellery for 9 years until its close in Spring 2019. I have also authored many books in the craft sector. You can find my Amazon Authors page here.

Publishing is still active in my life, I designed a range of Jewelry Sketchbooks for budding designs to doodle their dreams that are available to purchase on Amazon.

My main business now is designing websites as Sapphire Blue Web Design. I love helping small businesses or individual makers / sellers to get their website launched and start selling online.

Through out my career whether as a hobby or business, metal clay has been there! I simply love it.

As a member of  AMCAW (Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide) I volunteer on many teams including: Curating, Metal Clay Live (AMCAW’s virtual event), Education and as the Web & Tech Team Chair. I also built and maintain their website!

I enjoy making pieces with metal clay for pleasure and I also sell my work. I teach masterclasses at events and most recently taught at the AMCAW SINTER Event in Bradford, UK in May, 2024.

When I’m not working, which is rare! I love walking my dog Neo (that’s him in the picture) with my husband and travelling to experience the beautiful places this world has to offer. 

So that’s me! If you would like to talk to me about anything metal clay, or even about websites, contact me via email.

Metal clay

I use a lot of silver clay in my own jewellery designs and love to teach others how to use this really versatile material. I do not currently run regular classes but teach at events and workshops. Please contact me if you would like to enquire about a private class.

Silver clay is very finely ground pure silver mixed with a non-toxic organic binder. Straight out of the packet it looks and feels like putty and has a consistency much like uncooked pastry dough. You can mould it, roll it, texture it and cut out shapes like cookie dough. When it’s completely dry, you can fire it in a kiln or with a handheld torch. The organic binder burns off and the piece becomes solid hallmarkable fine (999) silver. It’s a brilliant material for beginners who want to make silver jewellery as you don’t need to learn traditional silversmithing skills like, piercing and soldering.

The world of metal clay has exploded in the past few years and you can now get a wide range of clays with copper and bronze being very popular due to the much lower price point. Within the bronze clay family is also a really wide range of colours, which makes it a versatile material to work with.

My most recent adventure is self-publishing books. I create and publish a range of children’s activity books and Jewellery Sketchbooks under the business Naisy Books.

I have also authored many books in the craft sector. You can find my Amazon Authors page here.